Want More Likes On Your Instagram Content? Here’s How

There are few things worse than uploading a well thought and carefully crafted piece of content on to your Instagram account, only to check back some hours later and find that it has had minimal traction and very little engagement. Whether you are a business looking to push your product or an individual looking to gain a little fame for your Instagram content, a lack of engagement can be pretty disconcerting. In order to avoid this most terrible of fates then, you need to work hard on boosting how many likes which your content receives, and here are some steps which you can take to do so.

Calls to Action

A call to action is a post which poses a question which encourages people to get involved and interact with your content. When used in the right way, a call to action post can really spark a flurry of engagement on your post and give you extra visibility and popularity. An example of a call to action post could be a split screen photograph of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with a headline on the photo ‘Who is Better? Like For Messi, Comment for Cristiano’. Now this is a very polarizing subject matter and one which many people want to have their say on, and they will. Make something like this relevant to your niche and just watch the likes fly in.

Get The Ball Rolling

Many people will like something that has already been liked many times already, this herd mentality really does exist on Instagram, and you can tap into it. In order to get the ball rolling then you could look to invest in some automatic Instagram likes which will give you instant engagement when you upload a new piece of content. You can find companies online which will offer this service and using it could get you the additional engagement that you are looking for.

Engaging With Others

If you seek out people within your niche who you think create great content then you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with them. People on Instagram like to reciprocate the community spirit shown by others and if you are able to find people with whom you can start to interact with, commenting on their posts and liking their content, then you could see some additional likes coming your way in return.

Hashtag Heroes

Don’t forget about hashtags, they play an important role in the Instagram community and using them will additionally expose your Instagram profile to people who don’t usually see your content. Keep an eye on trending topics and popular hashtags and then add them to your content. Doing this will boost the amount of likes which you get each and every day and it will also boost the number of new followers which you receive. Post relevant hashtags and creative hashtags which can help people to find you.

Follow these 4 steps and you can boost your amount of engagement and likes overnight.


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