How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder

How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder

Every internet browser utilizes its own particular settings with regards to downloading records and sparing pictures from a site page. In any case, that can by and large be altered. With the most recent variants of Internet Explorer (11/10/9, and even 8), Microsoft presented a download director, which additionally gives you a chance to change the default organizer where documents you download are spared. Pictures you spare, as you’ll see, are taken care of in an unexpected way. We should first figure out how to change the download location.

How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder
How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder

In this post we will perceive how to change the download organizer location to Desktop or some other location in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera in Windows 8. Of course, most programs download documents from the Internet to the framework Download organizer, situated at C:\Users\username\Downloads. Be that as it may, there might be some who might need to download the records to the Desktop for quick straightforward entry or to some other location, perhaps on another drive.
Change download location in IE
In the event that you wish to change the download location from the Downloads envelope to some other location, say for instance the Desktop, do the accompanying. Open Internet Explorer. Press Ctrl+J to open the View Downloads box. Click on Options.
Change download location in Chrome
Dispatch Google Chrome web program. Next open Settings. Look down. Click on Show Advanced settings. Again look down till you see Downloads.
Here snap on Change, scan to the sought organizer and select it.
This will change the Download location.
Change download location in Opera
Open Opera program and after that open its Settings.
Change download location in Firefox
In Firefox, you can open Settings > Options > General tab. Here under Downloads search to the Desktop or the coveted envelope and select it.
The progression above just influences documents up download, not pictures you spare from site pages. Those are consequently spared in your My Pictures envelope. While that can’t be changed, Internet Explorer will “recall” the last organizer where you spared a picture, and will consequently choose it when you “download” different pictures, however just amid that session. (At the end of the day: next time you dispatch IE, it will pick the Pictures organizer again for pictures, until you select another envelope!)


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