How to Change Sounds and Vibration on Google Keyboard for Android

Palpable reaction from a touch screen console is essential, as per my opinion. Majority of people don’t like sound while tapping the keys. I don’t say everyone annoys the sound but as per my experience along with many others it’s hard to digest the keyboard sounds when they tap keys. You might not be like me ­- perhaps you would be OK with sound, but dislike Keypad vibration. On the other hand possibly you hate both (you revolt!). The uplifting news is that you not just empower or incapacitate both of these components in Google Keyboard, yet you can likewise change each of them. Here’s the way.

Like with everything else, the adventure into the sound and vibration choices begins in Keyboard’s Settings menu. It’s an exhausting one, yet in the event that you acknowledge this mission, then press the button for long just to one side of the space bar. There’s no turning back at this point.

When you free the key, a popup window will show up with two alternatives: Google Keyboard settings and blue pill or red pill Languages. Tap the last mentioned.

In the Settings alternative, all that you’ve ever sought and imagined after can be found in “Preferences.” Sound alternatives are around seventy five percent of the paths down the menu. It begins with a basic flip—this alternative is debilitated as a matter of course, so in the event that you need sounds, proceed a slide it over.


When “Sound on keypress” has been empowered, the alternative straightforwardly underneath will permit you to redo how noisy the sound is. It’s place to “System default”, however you can utilize the slider to change the volume to your coveted level.

Vibration alternative works basically the same way. “Vibrate on keypress” is on as a matter of course, so in the event that you don’t care for this kind of physical criticism, you can impair it with the slider.


On the off chance that you do like it, in any case, you can conform how hard (or delicate) the vibration is in the menu just underneath. I for one observe “Framework default” to be bounty sufficiently solid, however there’s not at all like a stun level vibration to tell you you’re alive. Simply ahead and knock it as far as possible up—perceive how idiotic this thing can get. On 100ms, my telephone feels like a small weed eater. I can’t envision writing like that for more than three words or something like that. Be that as it may, in the event that you like it, I’m cheerful that it exists.

There are two or three other little changes here, as well: “Popup on keypress,” which demonstrates an amplified rendition of the key as you write it—you know, to outwardly characterize your precision; “Voice info key,” which is the place you can empower/cripple the mic catch on the console; and “Key long squeeze delay,” which is the place you can by and by characterize what “long squeeze” intends to you. I’ve never showed signs of change this component. I needn’t bother with that much control of my own life.

The freshest rendition of Google Keyboard has taken a page or two out of the playbook of most well known outsider consoles, which just serves to improve this console even than it was some time recently. There are considerable measures of customization choices so you can sort how you need to sort (even that must be portrayed as “inadequately”), which we believe is really perfect.


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