Want More Likes On Your Instagram Content? Here’s How

There are few things worse than uploading a well thought and carefully crafted piece of content on to your Instagram account, only to check back some hours later and find that it has had minimal traction and very little engagement. Whether you are a business looking to push your product or an individual looking to […]

How to Create a File Shortcut in Android

How to Create a File Shortcut in Android

Most Android devices homescreens are comprised of application shortcuts, with perhaps two or three gadgets thrown in for good measure. Putting an application shortcut on the android homescreen is simply an issue of long pressing on its symbol in the application drawer, however consider the possibility that you need to make an easy route to […]

How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder

How to Change the Location of Internet Explorer’s Download Folder

Every internet browser utilizes its own particular settings with regards to downloading records and sparing pictures from a site page. In any case, that can by and large be altered. With the most recent variants of Internet Explorer (11/10/9, and even 8), Microsoft presented a download director, which additionally gives you a chance to change […]

How to Access Android’s List of Running Apps in 6.0 Marshmallow and Above

How to Access Android’s List of Running Apps in 6.0 Marshmallow and Above

In Android 5.x and underneath, getting to your list of running applications was basic—you would hop into Settings > Apps > Running. Simple! In Android 6.0, nonetheless, Google moved this setting. Despite everything it not super hard to discover, but rather it’s somewhat trickier. However, as usual, we have your back. Here’s the manner by […]

How to Change the Screenshot File Type in OS X

How to Change the Screenshot File Type in OS X

As a matter of course, OS X spares each screenshot that you take as a PNG files on your Mac. PNG is the acronym of Portable Network Graphics which is a lossless configuration which may hold the quality of the picture. The main disadvantage of this format is the records have a tendency to be […]

keyboard sounds

How to Change Sounds and Vibration on Google Keyboard for Android

Palpable reaction from a touch screen console is essential, as per my opinion. Majority of people don’t like sound while tapping the keys. I don’t say everyone annoys the sound but as per my experience along with many others it’s hard to digest the keyboard sounds when they tap keys. You might not be like […]

.Android phone tricks and tips

Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Faster

In today’s fast moving time, nobody wants to have an average or slow gadgets specially a phone, however a few of us need to settle for one as the equipment develops more established, storage room runs out, and the quantity of bugs include. The uplifting news is that you don’t need to acknowledge a moderate […]

Pushbullet app

How to Get Notifications From Any Phone on Any Laptop

There are a lot of causes why you might need to see mobile alerts show up on your PC. Thankfully, there are a few free apparatuses to help you do only that. The devices accessible to you will at last rely on upon the working framework you use on your phone and portable PC. Be […]

gmail inbox

How to Make the Most of Gmail’s Hidden Labels

Gmail is about search and labels, not only labels for folders and close by the custom marks you may color and name yourself, there are a few hidden ones incorporated with Gmail to keep your messages sorted out and organized. Here are the ones you have to think about, and how you can utilize them. […]

Always on display download

How to Setup an Always-On Display on Any Android Phone

Numerous cutting edge phones, including the LG G5 and Galaxy S7, trait Always-on displays app which show leftovers of data even when the screen is locked and switched off. You don’t as a matter of course requires a 2016 flagship to have this component however— you simply require the privilege application. This is what you […]