keyboard sounds

How to Change Sounds and Vibration on Google Keyboard for Android

Palpable reaction from a touch screen console is essential, as per my opinion. Majority of people don’t like sound while tapping the keys. I don’t say everyone annoys the sound but as per my experience along with many others it’s hard to digest the keyboard sounds when they tap keys. You might not be like […]

.Android phone tricks and tips

Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Faster

In today’s fast moving time, nobody wants to have an average or slow gadgets specially a phone, however a few of us need to settle for one as the equipment develops more established, storage room runs out, and the quantity of bugs include. The uplifting news is that you don’t need to acknowledge a moderate […]

Pushbullet app

How to Get Notifications From Any Phone on Any Laptop

There are a lot of causes why you might need to see mobile alerts show up on your PC. Thankfully, there are a few free apparatuses to help you do only that. The devices accessible to you will at last rely on upon the working framework you use on your phone and portable PC. Be […]

gmail inbox

How to Make the Most of Gmail’s Hidden Labels

Gmail is about search and labels, not only labels for folders and close by the custom marks you may color and name yourself, there are a few hidden ones incorporated with Gmail to keep your messages sorted out and organized. Here are the ones you have to think about, and how you can utilize them. […]

Always on display download

How to Setup an Always-On Display on Any Android Phone

Numerous cutting edge phones, including the LG G5 and Galaxy S7, trait Always-on displays app which show leftovers of data even when the screen is locked and switched off. You don’t as a matter of course requires a 2016 flagship to have this component however— you simply require the privilege application. This is what you […]

delete app maxresdefault

How to permanently delete unwanted apps

Uninstalling an application which you’ve installed on your Android gadget from Google Play is basic — however considers the possibility that you didn’t introduce it. Imagine a scenario in which the application you’re attempting to expel is one of those that came pre-introduced on your gadget, gave by the producer, your portable system, or as […]

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How to use Viber on a tablet

Viber is currently completely bolstered by tablets so here’s the one by one steps to get running with Viber on tablet, iPad, Android and Windows 8. You can also download viber for PC. On the off chance that Viber is enacted on your cell phone, it must be the most recent variant keeping in mind […]

Quick charege for cell phones 10 Simple Tips & Tricks to Charge Smartphones and Tablets Faster

How to charge your smartphone or tablet faster

Quick charge for cell phones With such a large number of tablets and phones not complete with USB chargers nowadays, it’s conceivable that your present charger isn’t charging your phone or tablet as quick as it could be. Here’s the means by which to charge your phone or tablet battery quicker. For one thing, it’s […]

restore whatsapp messages whatsapp_android_restore_backup

How to restore WhatsApp messages on a new phone

Introduction WhatsApp is a colossally helpful approach to stay in contact with individuals everywhere throughout the world, basically for nothing. There is a somewhat huge issue that clients can experience however, and that is while moving onto another iPhone 6S or Android cell phone their discussions doesn’t accompany them. This is because of the way […]

hard reset iphone download

How to reset your iPhone and iPad

Introduction In this instructional exercise we will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to reset an iPhone or iPad – impeccable on the off chance that you have to wipe an iPhone or wipe an iPad in light of the fact that you are offering it. On the other hand, if your iPad or iPhone has […]